Thursday, May 7, 2009

Project Linus #3!

Yay, I'm done with my third Project Linus quilt! So now I'm back to being only one month behind. :-) Here's the front - it's sort of a coin quilt, but with full 6" blocks. So, um, not a coin quilt at all...

And the back - a colorful kitty print.

As I described in an earlier post, I used a sort of baste-as-you-go technique that Des of Quilt Taffy described, and I shamelessly copied her quilting ideas too (random lines plus stippling).

The biggest problem I had was with some puckers underneath, on the top section (quilting from the bottom up). Probably using a nicer batting would have prevented this, but I've got a monster 50 yard bolt of polyester batting to work my way through!! So, I think I should have taken the time to pin around the edges. But still, it's not so bad - just 3 little pleats, and they are pretty hard to spot in that busy fabric. Can you see a couple here?

I made my binding a little bit wider this time (2.75", double-fold), because I wanted to make sure that none of the top-stitching accidentally showed on the underside of the binding. That was hard to describe - I'm sure you other quilters know what I mean! I like how that worked - I think I'll try to remember to do that for all the ones I do by machine.

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  1. i like it!! i used a very flat warm and natural batt, so i did avoid puckers. plus the nature of that batt is like a flannel and I had very little shifting. I would suggest that with the next one, you start in the middle (once you're ready to machine quilt)??? and work your way out.

    i'm so proud of you and your linus quilts. I need to do more of that.