Saturday, May 30, 2009

Okay, I'm in

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So, I'm officially in for the Old Red Barn quilt along... I haven't posted my fabric pics in Flickr yet - I'm probably the only one left on the planet without an account there!! But hopefully soon.

I was having a hard time picking out fabric from my stash, but then I had a brilliant idea. It's a long story (I'll post all the details some day, I'm sure), but I happen to have a bunch of pre-cut strips from someone else's abandoned quilt project. There are 20 different fabrics (a mix of batiks and tonal prints), each with 2 5.5" strips, plus waste strips of about 3". Many of the strips were already paired up with strips of the light background fabric, and marked for sewing triangles (and a few were already sewn). The bin it came in was labeled "Jewel Box", so I'm pretty sure it was intended to be this quilt.

It's not anything I'd pick out for myself, but my MIL loves colors like this, so I think this might become her xmas gift. It's also not the exact amounts specified for the quilt along (12 fabrics, 6 or 7 strips each), since I've got 5 strips of 20 fabrics. But the total number is about the same, and the pattern seems pretty flexible, so I'm hoping it will all work out in the end. And I really LOVE that this project will finally get done, even if it's in a different form.

After a couple hours of trimming, I ended up with this...

and this! :-) For the record, it's not much fun to re-cut strips!!


  1. Hey there! I decided last minute to join the quilt-along, too! I have my fabrics, but I still need to cut them to get caught up...ahh, so many projects! :)

  2. This quilt along has definitely gathered a lot of people.

    And your pile of strips there are awesome. I was thinking of making my strip pile into a cat toy of some sorts, my cat seemed to really like them last night when I waved them at him. :)

    I also love your fabrics, they are so pretty and will make a gorgeous quilt, your MIL will be happy I am sure.

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  4. love that you are reusing recycling reclaiming something and making it into a usable quilt...bravo...

    putting your blog on my reader now to follow your progress