Monday, May 18, 2009

A tiny weekend project

My husband hosted a BBQ for his work buddies at our place this past Saturday. It was good motivation for me to finally clean up the built-in sideboard in the dining room. Usually it's just filled with all sorts of junk - art supplies for the kid, magazines, you name it. After I got it all cleared out, I took the glass top off for a really good double-sided cleaning. And then the brilliant idea struck me - I could put some fabric under that glass to brighten things up!

A quick trip to up the stash, and I found this beautiful large-scale Valori Wells print. It's just perfect for spring. It's hard to tell from my crappy photo, but it looks awesome under the glass, almost like a painting. Now I'll be keeping my eye out for other seasonal fabrics to use throughout the year...

I'm just thrilled to have actually done SOMETHING to the house. We moved in more than a year ago, and have barely made any changes (aside from just throwing up some pictures that first week). I suck at decorating and am paralyzed by indecision, while my husband would be happy with completely blank white walls everywhere. So really, this is a big deal. :-)


  1. Awesome!!! I'm really hoping that Keith and I will get off our duffs this summer and do some painting. Stuff like this really do make a house feel like home. :)

  2. What a great idea. I wish I could do this with all of my table/desk surfaces.

  3. this is great. I love using gorgeous fabrics in other ways around the house...i have the same problem with decorating...i call it analysis paralysis....this is a problem with my quilting projects as well!!