Saturday, May 23, 2009

loot report #1, finally some fabric!

I only had time for one sale this weekend, but it was a church rummage sale (always my favorite!). It was pretty good, but the pricing was totally crazy! For example, the adult clothing was marked 50 cents each, but the baby clothing was marked $1 each (huh??). And there were cards of buttons (not vintage) with the manufacturer's price of $1.49 printed right there on them, and they were priced at $2. Seriously nuts! I bought a stack of kid's books ($6 for 15), and a bag of clothes ($4.50), and then I held up this bag of fabric that hadn't been priced at all, and the lady said $13 for everything. And I said, great! So, for $2.50, I got:

3 yards each of a nice solid lavender and matching floral.

3 1-yard cuts of some seriously bright florals (2 the same). Ouch, my eyes!

Ah, this is better. One yard of a nice lightweight 60" denim, and 4 yards of a very grandmotherly floral print (lilacs, I think?).

I saved the best for last! I was so excited when I found this sweater. My husband's company had a contest last year for who could wear the most garish Christmas sweater, and I vowed to keep an eye out this summer. For 50 cents, I brought home one of the tackiest holiday sweaters I have ever seen. I think we may have a winner here!


  1. That sweater rocks. How could it not win? :)

  2. The sweater goes without saying..

    I am very jealous of the bright floral fabric.

    I can think of many a cool project that could be done with that one.

  3. oh my at first I just saw the pic, and started to wonder how crazy this woman whose blog I'm loving really is...then I read the above and now I just want your man to win!!