Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project Linus #4 completed

It's so satisfying to finish up a quilt! I changed my mind on the quilting - I did top stitching along each horizontal seam, and then decided to so some free-motion loops up the middle of each stripe. I still suck at the free-motion quilting, and it's really bugging me! I've always been really good at any crafty thing I've tried, but I'm just not getting anywhere with this. I hate to blame my tools, but I think maybe I really do need one of those extended beds for my sewing machine. I've been sort of stubbornly putting off looking for one, but I guess I should quit trying to do things the hard way, huh?

Anyway, here's the front. Held up by my sweet hubby, with a little help from the munchkin. I went ahead and added an extra row on it, because I really didn't like the squareness of it. So it's about 55"x45".

And here's the back. It's a little crazy, but I like it!!

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  1. so pretty and fun...my husband is my quilt holder too...they do such a great job!!