Saturday, May 30, 2009

loot report - more fabric!

Yay, more fabric! I only went to two sales this weekend, and they were both great. The first sale had fabric for $1 a yard, and I spent about 8 bucks on some cute novelty prints...

Some FQs with "bling" (metallics) for a friend of mine...

And some other bits, including a green FQ for my friend Robin for her Dear Jane quilt (and yay, she didn't already have this one!).

Finally, I got this last bit at Value Village. It is so bright, it hurts! I think it will make a great dress for my daughter, or it might show up in her red/pink/orange quilt (someday!), or both!

The second sale I went to was amazing, just because it had stuff I had been actively shopping for. I got a new (still in the box) wooden/metal bench kind of like this one, for $25. Even more incredible, I found 4 IKEA "Strippa" shelves for $1 each. I had tried to buy some at IKEA last weekend, only to be so disappointed to discover that they have been discontinued. I could not believe my luck to find some at a garage sale! They are really narrow little shelves, maybe 4" across (this is the best picture I could find out there). My plan is to put them up in my sewing room to hold thread. Hopefully I'll have pictures of that soon...

And last, but not least, check out this new toy! No, I wasn't shopping for this particular thing (heck, I'd never even seen one before!), but I do enjoy bringing home fun "prizes" for the kid when I can. I just did a little research to find its official name (the Little Tikes Whirly Rocket) and was amazed to see the prices for it on eBay. Holy cow! My cost? $3! Sweet!


  1. oh please read this before you draw!! I couldn't see the box for word verification!! But I'd love a chance to win this. My favorite thrift find would be my desk. We were thrifting candle holders for my wedding and then I saw was/is beautiful..creamish yellow with grey-blue accents and worn gold drawer pulls. My husband couldn't believe that I bought such an ugly thing, but it was love at first site!!

  2. I checked out your ebay link. Holy cow! That is crazy! You got a serious find there-- and it looks like she likes it too! :) Thanks again for the fabric! I'm sure a block will come up soon that will be just perfect for it!