Friday, April 24, 2009

another "baste as you go"

So, after learning a few lessons with the Happy Blocks quilt, I decided to try Des' baby quilt again. This time, I followed the example a little more closely! And indeed, it was much easier!

First row (heh - nice shot of the baby monitor!):

A couple more rows:

The whole thing:

I've since done the quilting over the novelty squares (random lines - I'm such a copycat!), but still have the sashing to quilt. This is another Project Linus quilt, and I'm hoping to have it done before our next meeting at the beginning of May. My goal for the year is to make one PL quilt per month, and I'm a little behind already with only 2 quilts completed. I've also made 4 swaddling blankets, but I'm not counting those. But here's a picture, just for fun:

They are just simple double-sided squares with decorative edging. I used the heck out of blankets like these when my daughter was an infant, as she loved to be tightly swaddled. It makes me happy to make them for other babies (though I try not to think of them being sick in the hospital!). I got a pretty good deal on this flannel from a person who was closing down her home crafting business - only $1/yard, and I got a ton (like 50 yards?). It's not pretty, just your basic baby pastels. I've used some for "batting" in rag quilts, but the rest will slowly be turned into swaddling blankets. I have a feeling that I'll be making them til the cows come home!!

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  1. slow and steady wins the race on that quilt as you go. I knew I liked you! I love how you are giving to project linus. and I LOVE that you bought 50 yards of flannel!! :)