Sunday, May 10, 2009

loot report - thread bonanza!

The loot was scarce this weekend! I went to several sales, and left emptyhanded at almost every one of them. But I did find one estate sale that made the outing worthwhile. For $12, I scored a bunch of thread, plus a bit of fabric and some other notions...

Here's all the newer threads (on plastic spools). There was also one spool of elastic thread, and a few spools of upholstery/button thread.

There were also a lot of older threads on wooden spools. There was even one spool of silk (the pink near the top), and one I think is silk (the orange).

And there were these weird wooden things, which I've never seen before. Does anyone know if they have an official name? For now, I'm calling them "leftover thread keepers".

And a bunch of spools of Star Mercerized cotton thread. Most of them are quite well used, but that's still quite a bit left, considering they are the 1200 yd size. Oh, and one lonely little spool of Gutermann...

Finally, some huge cones of red, and one ginormous spool of gray. I left one spool of the cotton for comparison. I've never seen spools of thread that big before! The basket in the back is what held half of the thread; the rest was in a shoebox.

And here's the fabric. Nothing too noteworthy, but I do like the polka dot one! I think I might be able to pass the two pinks on to someone who makes "Quilt for a Cure" quilts.

I also picked up this piece because it has an interesting slubby texture. I wish it had a content label, as I'm not one of those people who can tell by the feel. But I love that the tag is still attached - 2 1/8 yards (on sale, 1/2 off!) for $1.69!

And just a few notions. I wanted to brag that I actually exercised some restraint - there was a LOT of loose ricrac and lace and trim all wadded up in drawers and boxes, and I passed it up. Good for me!

And lastly, I got this cool basket (also still with its original tag from JCPenney). I have a thing for ticking! I should have thrown something inside for scale - it's about 1' high and 1.5' across. I have no idea what I'll do with it, though I think it might look sweet filled with quilts. :-)

Not a bad haul for $12!


  1. Holy cow, girl! What on earth are you going to DO with all that thread?! Awesome. :)

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment you left!! I envy your patience and skill in making quilts. I LOVE your loot you scored!! I also enjoy going garage sale hopping and searching thrift stores, and love it even more when I score goods like that!