Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IKEA rosali = my next fun project

Let me first say, I am NOT into "shabby chic". Frankly, I'm not into anything "chic" - like I said before, I totally suck at decorating. But somehow I have stumbled into collecting these IKEA Rosali fabrics....

At first, it was just one duvet cover (the blue floral/check one, I think), which I thought would be really cute made into reusable shopping bags. Then a couple weeks later, I found a coordinating one (the blue paisley/polka dot one). I started looking online to see if IKEA still sold them (nope) or if there were other coordinating fabrics out there (yep). I was amused to see them going for pretty steep prices on eBay, as "shabby chic" fabrics. Ever since, I've been keeping my eye out for more. A few months ago, I was pretty excited to rescue a large scrap of the stone (gray) paisley and polka dot from a bin at one of the Project Linus meetings (used fabrics can't be used for PL quilts). At that point, I was wanting to practice my free-motion quilting, so I added in some red, pink and white solids, and made this little doll quilt for my daughter.

And then a few weeks ago, I found yet another one - the pink paisley and polka dots. All three were from the same thrift store! So, now I've got 8 coordinating fabrics, and I'm thinking maybe it's time for another quilt. I can't use these for Project Linus, so I'm planning to make this quilt for my family reunion in October. Every year the highlight of the reunion is an auction of handmade items, and the proceeds help to pay for the next year's reunion (cool idea, huh?). Last year I donated a flannel rag quilt that went for $125!

The "shabby chic" thing made me remember a cool sort of raggedy quilt I'd seen on the Quilt Taffy blog, so I ordered the pattern last week (great service, by the way!). I pulled out some solids to see how they'd look together, but I'm not sure about them (especially the blue and green). I haven't yet looked through the stash to see if I have anything better to use, so that's a possibility. I'm not even sure just how many different fabrics I'd need... Using a charm pack would be so much easier!

I also have this other IKEA duvet which has the same colors, but I'm not sure about combining a big graphic pattern with those others...

And for anyone who stumbles on my blog months or years from now, because you're googling for "IKEA rosali fabric" (hey, I did!) - I probably will still have a crapload of this fabric left. So if you're looking for a trade, let me know. I'm also thinking I might take the plunge and join Sew Mama Sew's big giveaway day next week. Anyone want a set of fat quarters? :-)

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  1. Evelyn, that pinky-red duvet cover is gorgous! Are you looking to trade it for something? And how big is it? I'm interested. June