Saturday, May 23, 2009

loot report #2, Goodwill

I made a quick stop at Goodwill yesterday. Actually, it wasn't all that quick, but most of my time seemed to be spent waiting in line to check out (grrr...).

First up, two yards of an adorable Red Rooster fabric for $2. I love the little kid under the pear tree, and the doggies, and the rooster...

This sweet sheet, for $3. Not vintage, but it's 100% cotton, and I think it might make for some pretty quilt bindings. I love the colors, and the combination of stripes and polka dots.

And this sheet and pillowcase, for $4. Also not vintage, but brand new and 100% cotton. I just LOVE those colors. It looks so much nicer in person. I think I might have to make a skirt out of it. And maybe I'll make a dress for the munchkin too! If we didn't wear them at the same time, maybe that wouldn't count as breaking my vow to never wear matching mother-daughter outfits... :-)


  1. You find the best stuff! I love that red rooster fabric at the top. So cute!

  2. That orangeish-red-and mustard yellow number is the bomb. And I know what you mean about the matching outfits. My daughter and I have the same birthday and I am really considering something in the matching neighborhood this year.

    But color agreement would be a problem. I am all orange-green-brown where as she is pink-purple-sparkles. I will call the UN.

  3. Those stripes would make a cute skirt for a little girly!! I love your last find. I never get this lucky. My most recent good find was some coral/aqua/yellow scotty dogs with polka dots and I'm pretty sure I paid $4 for what I got too.