Monday, May 4, 2009

loot report, part 1

I had some fun finds this weekend! First off, can you guess what this is?

Looks like a big bread maker, right? That's what I first thought, but I'm so glad I bent down to take a closer look. It's an ice maker! One of my best friends, Suzette, is just the kind of person who can actually use one of these - she has a huge posse of friends and family, and organizes huge parties, camping trips, retreats, you name it. She mentioned years ago wanting to buy something like this for her Aunt & Uncle's place in Maine (as a thank you for letting her family stay there every year), and so I immediately thought of her. I took a gamble, and bought it for $10. Looking it up online, it looks to be about $250 new. If it works, it's going to be great addition to Suzette's party arsenal! It makes me SO happy to find something for someone else - like ten times better than finding something cool for myself!
At the same rummage sale, I bought a tote bag full of plastic eggs for 50 cents. Now, plastic eggs aren't at all hard to find at garage sales or thrift stores, but I just hadn't ever thought to pick any up (my kid just turned 3 - we hadn't needed any before now!). I was a little annoyed to find myself buying them new from the store this past Easter, so I decided to stock up on a few more. When I got home, I decided I should open them up and wash them out. And I'm glad I did - I found a couple still full of some pretty nasty looking candy (those went straight into the trash). And when I was just about done, a got a fun surprise - do you see that dollar bill poking up in the back? Yep, I net 50 cents on this deal!! Sweet!

And, more sheets, of course. I found this lovely pink one at Goodwill. It's only a twin, and fitted (which I try to avoid), but I already had this pattern in two other colors (shown below), so I had to get it. It was half off, too - score!

And lastly, some more thriftstore linens. The print on the right is quite large, but I still had to have it (ricrac!). The pink rose print is a little sparse, but it's 100% cotton, and I think it will match well with another set of thrifted linens I have (subject of a future post). And while I don't totally love the colors of the pillowcases on the left, I love the pattern and they were in great shape. Maybe they'll become tote bags or pillows some day...


  1. i've been wondering on colors of sheets that i'm not crazy about but if I do love the pattern, what might happen if i bleached or 'overdyed' them? of course, that will probably never happen as i'm so lazy. but it's a lovely excuse to buy some of the sheets, i pass up because of the color.

    i'm a dork.

  2. I've stayed up far too late flipping through your blog to find inspiration for all these vintage FQ that are coming to my door via your swaps, but I stopped short at this post. I just bought that exact rikrak-border sheet, in a different, more blue palette, at a thrift store this weekend in Florida. I had to get up and find it to make sure it was the same one, but it has the same orientation of the polka dots versus plaid and flowers, etc. I haven't been collecting for all THAT long, so maybe this is common to find similar prints, but I'm totally excited about it! I'm trying to decide if I ought to use it like a cheater print or back something with it. Decisions, decisions.