Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Project Linus challenges

I went to my Project Linus chapter meeting this past Sunday. The theme this month was "Christmas in August", so there were a lot of holiday projects being put together. But there was also a bunch of interesting fabric donated by a local company that manufactures baby slings. Apparently the fabric they use is too wide for their needs, so instead of cutting the fabric when it's off the bolt, they simply chop off the entire end of the bolt! So, they donated these bolt ends, which were anywhere from 10" to 3" wide. The fabric is a cotton/lycra blend, which is a little strange to be quilting with, but at least it seemed to work fine when I pieced this one.

I think those are 10" squares, so it must be about 45x55. I brought it home to finish off, and found a nice cream colored back in my stash that I think will work perfectly. And before you rush off to leave a comment about the stripe going the wrong direction on the lower right - I know, I know! I did it on purpose to give it character! ;-)

I also brought home enough squares (one set of 8", one set of 9") to make two more! I sure hope that lycra doesn't make them troublesome to quilt...

I also brought home one of the smaller bolt ends of a different print (about 4" wide). I goaded my friend Robin into taking another one home with her, by challenging her to to a "duel". We both have to find a way to use this fabric, and bring at least a finished quilt top to the next PL meeting (Sept. 13). Fun! It will be interesting to see how this stuff works when it's combined with regular cotton fabrics. Wish us luck!


  1. good luck with the stretchy stuff!!! it will be lovely i am sure

  2. I like the colors in the quilt, and that bottom fabric is really pretty. I have sewn on cotton/lycra denim before (just a pillow made out of my niece's favorite jeans after they wore out) and it wasn't too bad. It only had a one way stretch, though.

    And it's really hard for me to think about anything holiday now!