Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Please don't hate me... (and another giveaway!)

I made a major fabric score at a garage sale last weekend. We were heading out of town for another trip down to Portland, and I twisted my husband's arm to stop at just one garage sale on the way out of town. Hey, it was sort of on the way! In the right direction, anyway. :-)

Oh my goodness, the fabric! You know how sometimes an ad will say "quilting fabric", and it turns out to be all powder blue and maroon calico grandma stuff? Well, this was just the opposite! It was all bright, new, fun stuff - mostly Alexander Henry, but a bunch of others too.

Check this out - on the left is yardage and half yards, and the stack on the right is all FQs. Yeah, I went a little crazy! I was like a kid in a candy store - the husband was hup-hupping me, so I just grabbed anything that looked pretty. And then I had to wait a WHOLE DAY to look closer at what I had picked up. Agony, I tell ya!

Here's a closeup of some of my favorites...

Okay, are you ready for the numbers? That's about 37 yards of mostly designer fabric, for $32. I know, unbelievable. I've found so much great fabric at yard sales this year! I keep thinking I'll never see another great sale like the last one, but they just keep coming (knock on wood!). My husband said that he thinks Seattle must be where quilters go to retire. :-)

I guess I'm superstitious, and I think that maybe if I share some of my great scores, I'll find more. :-) So, let's do another giveaway... how about a surprise package? Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite color is. I'll pick a winner on Sunday night. Your prize will be a random mix of fat quarters and/or fat eighths that all contain your favorite color. I'm not sure how much total fabric there will be, that depends on the color you pick and where I have to ship it to (international is fine)!


  1. i think your husband might be right...seattle is a perfect place for a quilter to retire. there are many great shops there!!! You are unbelievably lucky. all those fabrics are amazing. i think my favorite color would be green. so nice of you to share

  2. Wow, a major score! maybe if i actually would try and go to some sales I might find stuff too. Favorite color. . . hmm. . .right now I'm a color fiend, loving anything bright and cheerful. But I guess my all time favorite color is blue. Thanks for sharing and here's to more luck to you.

  3. Oh, boy! What a find! I would not have walked away from any of those pieces! Looking forward to some fun projects you'll be creating. I love color, very M.E. kind of girl, but the color I always look for is red. Thank you for your giving heart! pokey

  4. Holy smokes! Your fabric karma is just insane! That's a ginormous pile of gorgeous fabric! I'm in awe. (But don't enter me in the giveaway... I have way too much fabric as it is!) :P

  5. Wow-major score! What wonderful fabric you have there! My favorite fabric colors have been pinks and oranges! Have fun with your new finds.

  6. What luck you have! I seem to only find the first type of garage sale that you mentioned.
    Btw... I finished two baby quilts with the Rosali fabric that you sent me. Hopefully the last one should arrive today so I can show them off. :)

  7. Wow, score! I never find good stuff like that at garage sales. Maybe I should go more often.

    This is going to sound crazy but my favourite colour is white. It's just that it goes with everything! I have so many random scraps but I can always pull them together by adding prints that have white in them throughout.

  8. Oh, I'm so jealous of your fabulous score! I'm gonna have to be more vigilant about hitting up those yard sales now that I know some better fabrics are out there to be had.

    As for my favorite color, well, that changes a lot. I'm coming off a yellow streak and getting more into the greens, probably because I'm working on a green and linen hst quilt. Teal and blues also frequently draw my eye.

    Thanks for spreading the wealth!


  9. i love garage sales! but it seems like the really good ones are fewer and farther between these days - yeah for a good catch, and understanding husbands :)

    I would love to win a green pile of fun! thanks for the giveaway - and here's to more great finds

  10. I cannot believe that you found those fabrics at a garage sale! All I ever find are broken down shoes and cracked dishes! They are really lovely. My favorite color is probably green but blue is a very close second. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. You do find the sales!!

    How can you ask for a favorite color? Especially to quilters!!

    Hmmm...I think red. I'm storing up fabric for when the sewing machine fairy comes and fixes my machine! :)

  12. Apparently I have been going to the wrong yard sales. My favourite colour is blue.

  13. You have got to be kidding!!! I can't believe the finds! I'm attributing your good fabric fortune to karma: you have been generously quilting for PL all year, so Karma is just saying "thanks." You are so deserving! I'm glad I caught the giveaway in time this time around!!

  14. Your garage sale find is amazing! I thought I had a good one recently when I found a jelly roll for $3.00! Your find blows me away! So much fun! I love all colors for all different reasons but, my favorite is still blue! Thanks for sharing the joy!

  15. Wow! You made out well! I love those beautiful flower fabrics. Note to self: Need to go garage sale shopping more often.

  16. Wow I wish our garage sales had material, only old clothes past their best and home appliances LOL ....... what a score of beautiful material, my fav colours are purple and green....

  17. My favorite color is a tie between green and maroon :)

    I am so jealous that you got those at sales. That's funny what your husband said about Seattle. It actually reminded me that one of my friends is in Seattle until Sunday. Hmm I should tell her to buy me some fabric....haha :)

  18. What fun prints. I've been crafting lots with brown lately so I'd say that is my current favorite color. Hubbies have no idea how lucky it is to find nice fabrics at yard sales or thrift shops!

  19. Wow, I go to garage sales all the time around here, but have never found a stash even half that great. What a great find for you and thank you for passing it along. I have been building up my blues lately for a quilt that is still forming in my head.

  20. Wow, this is awesome. I live south of Seattle but never see this much fabric at yard sales, or really any fabric. I have found some. Great giveaway also.

    Blue is definitely my favorite color, my future quilt for my husband and I will be blues, all blues. :)

  21. Blue is my favorite color!!! I used all mine up in the last quilt, so anything you can do to help would be great!

  22. Wow these are all so beautiful. I think I'm in a pink mood today.

  23. I must concur, you've got good karma!

    As for my favorite color, I gotta go with green. :)


  24. my favorite color is green.

  25. Am I too late?! AQUA!!

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