Monday, August 3, 2009

loot, plus a little giveaway

I went to the best rummage sale on Saturday morning! Not the greatest stuff, but just the most well-run I've ever seen. First of all, when you walked up, they had teens handing out little toys and plastic leis to any little kid that wanted one. Brilliant way to keep the parents shopping - give the kids something to play with! Then, they had a free pancake breakfast, with coffee and juice, and free bottled water. The pricing was good too, and the clothes were all "fill a bag for $5" (and it was a big bag!). Those bulk deals make so much sense to me when it's a charity sale, because it saves time when you're checking out, and people end up buying more than they normally would. You probably make just as much money AND you don't have nearly as much to haul away when you're done!

My fun find was a huge box of fabric for $2. It was a tall narrow box, and at the top was this adorable ballerina print. I didn't even dig further - I figured this piece alone was worth $2, and whatever else I found would just be a bonus.

I hauled the unwieldy box home, and excitedly dug through it. Sadly, it didn't hold any fantastic treasures. It was mostly small bits of old knits and corduroys and burlap (yuck!). But there was a ton of that ballerina print - one 5 yard cut, plus about 4 yards more in 5 cuts of varying lengths. The only other keepers were a big piece of this funky elephant print (a sort of lightweight one-sided fleece, or maybe a velour?)...

and about 2 yards of this bright border print barkcloth.

And now, for the giveaway... Who wants some of that ballerina print? Anyone? You know I love to share the loot! If you'd like to win a yard, leave a comment on this post to enter. International is fine with me! I'm so curious to see if anyone enters - maybe I'm the only one who thinks that fabric is cute? If I get multiple takers, I'll draw a number on Thursday night (Aug. 6).


  1. I go for it. I've got two little girls so I'm bound to have at least one ballerina in a few years.

  2. I made a quilt for my niece last year, that featured ballerinas. She is quite the dance. I would love to share the fabric love...I'm thinking a tote bag to carry stuff to her ballet classes.
    Thanks for sharing your fabric good fortune!

  3. Looks like you're drawing numbers. I'd love to have a peice...I have 3 girls that would love it! I'm not sure what I'd make but something applique is coming to mind.

  4. Please count me in! I have a little one who would think that print is divine!

  5. Yay! you know, I saw that and thought... Hell that is cute.. I wonder whether she'd like to swap some... Then I read further and you are doing a giveaway for it! You are good sharing like that! Please put me in the draw! Thanks a lot! (although I do not have a little girl.... but can always make something to pass on :-)

  6. It's very cute indeed. Thanks for the giveaway. It would be fun to make something sweet and girlie with this fabric! :)

  7. Oh you are so lucky... Perhaps my husband and I need to move further north. :)

    I love corduroy fabric... I am collecting it for a quilt/skirt project, haven't decided what I want more... :) Found a whole bag at a thrift store down here in Centralia. :)