Sunday, August 30, 2009

challenge progress

Slowly but surely, I've finished the sashing on the first Project Linus "challenge" quilt. One down, two to go!

I also had a brilliant idea to use the challenge fabric for the binding. The strips are almost exactly 5" wide, so I just rolled off an entire length of it (6.5 yards!) and cut it in half and ironed it into two long binding strips. I'm looking forward to not having to check for seams at the corners when I go to attach it! I just hope it's not a pain to work with, since it's slightly thicker and stretchier than usual. It seemed to work okay in the quilt, so I think it should be fine as binding too. If so, I might just use the rest of the roll for bindings for other quilts.

And I finally found a use for this tie holder thingie I found at a garage sale a while back. I knew it would come in handy some day! It's perfect for holding the binding strips so that I don't have to bother rolling them up.

And now, the roll of challenge fabric, which used to look like this:

looks like this:

That's some progress!


  1. that is really pretty fabric....great quilt. I love the use of the tie hanger...great idea

  2. cute quilt. and i love the binding fabric. it's gonna be wonderful!