Monday, August 17, 2009

and the winner is...

Sorry I'm a little late! The winner of the mystery fabric giveaway is lucky number 7!
7. Emily B said...

Wow, score! I never find good stuff like that at garage sales. Maybe I should go more often.

This is going to sound crazy but my favourite colour is white. It's just that it goes with everything! I have so many random scraps but I can always pull them together by adding prints that have white in them throughout.

I'm sure I'll be able put together a fun package with all sorts of fabric that contain white! Emily has a great blog too - full of thought-provoking posts and cool give-away lists. Go check it out and say hello...

And while I'm at it, I just wanted to point out that of the 25 people who entered, 10 of you have your settings set to not show your email, so there is no direct way to respond to your comments. If you want to make it easier for folks to contact you, change your setting! (Go to "my account", find the Blogger icon on the left, click on Settings next to that, and turn on "Show my email address".)

Not too much sewing progress for me this past weekend (too much family fun instead!). I did start on version 2 of a quilt using my "challenge" fabric. It's very similar to version 1.0, but uses more of the print and less of the solids.

And I got my husband to hang up a couple more things in my sewing room. (Thanks, sweet hubby!) You might recognize those little baskets from the famous Pink Penguin tutorial! One is holding selvages and one is holding leftover binding strips. In the middle is a mess of old wooden spools of thread, just for show.

This week I'm catching up on some boring sewing - hemming and adding black-out fabric to all of our el-cheapo IKEA curtains (10 panels in all - ug!!). It's so not fun, but I'm tired of having the task on my to-do list. I know I'll be so happy when they are all done! (And so will the hubby!)


  1. Thank you - for the fabric (I am too excited!) and the kind words about my blog! - and the link to the fabric basket, I hadn't seen that and it looks like a great rainy day project!

  2. Congrats Emily!

    Thanks Evelyn for the help on showing the email! Hope the curtains go quickly!

  3. ooo -- so mad I missed this! Congratulations to the winner!

    The sewing room is looking great. I'm working on one myself these days -- we should compare pics when all is done.

    Keep up the great work Evelyn!