Friday, November 27, 2009

paper leaves swag

Here's a little Thanksgiving paper craft I did with my daughter last week...

I searched online for coloring pages of leaves and an acorn, and printed out some simple ones of similar scale. I taped them to some chipboard (just old cereal boxes), and cut around the pictures to make templates.

I picked out some fall-themed scrapbooking paper, and used the templates to trace the shapes onto the back, and cut them out.

Then the fun and messy part! I outlined the leaf shapes with a thin line of glue, and let Vada apply the glitter. It was a huge mess, and the house was sparkly for days!

Once the glitter was dry, I used an exacto knife to cut two small slits on the back of each shape. I used a tapestry needle to thread the shapes onto some narrow ribbon, which I had cut to the approximate length I wanted.

I made three separate pieces - one to go across, and two to hang down on the sides. I tried loops on the ends, and hung them from stocking holders on the fireplace. Voila!

When I put it up again next year, I might add some ribbons to the top part, to fill in the bare spots between the leaves.


  1. Dang,you're a good mom. i'm not a glitter kind of mom. ;)

    super cute!

  2. Super cute! You and Vada are so crafty. The boy would just be freaking out about being sticky. :P I also love the new look of the fireplace. Very nice!

    Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. oh this is beautiful!!! what a great job and fun sparkly idea

  4. Really pretty!! Ribbons would look great!! Also you could try little pieces of tulle..I use these on banners I make and it adds a little "texture"!! I bet she had LOADS of fun with the glitter!!

  5. It's wonderful!!! Who doesn't love to play with glitter? And then find it in unusual spots for the next 5 days...