Sunday, November 29, 2009

I-Spy swap

Karen from Sew Many Ways hosted an I-Spy swap a while back, and I was so excited to get my bundle of squares in the mail. They're all so great, and will make a wonderful I-Spy quilt!

Not only did Karen host an excellent swap, she also sent a little gift in each swapper's return package. I have no idea where she found the time, but it was such a delightful surprise! I recognized the I-bolt sewing necklace from one of the many clever ideas from her Tool Time Tuesday posts, which I always look forward to reading. Thank you so much, Karen!

Are you guys all getting excited about the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day on Wednesday? I sure am. I may or may not be giving away some vintage linens - you'll just have to come back to find out. I just wish I could take the day off from work to visit all the other blogs to sign up for all the other giveaways!

Oh, and I almost forgot about the notebook cover giveaway! The lucky winner is #1 - Leslie of Fluff & Nonsense!! Yay! She already posted her awesome SMS giveaway - a layer cake of Wonderland by Momo. Go enter!

In other, less pleasant, news... I seem to have caught the flu. I don't know if it's THAT flu, because I don't feel that bad. Just off-and-on chills, aches, low fever and fatigue. You know, not horrible, but enough to keep me from doing anything productive, which sucks extra bad on a holiday weekend. All that free time - wasted!! Still, I'm counting my blessings that I don't feel worse - maybe all my years of getting flu shots have helped some. (Except for this year, due to the short supply - how ironic!) Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and my hands washed) that my husband and daughter don't catch it... At least they both had their shots this year (the seasonal one anyway). Knock on wood and all that.


  1. Poor you Evelyn... It's horrible when you feel off even if it is not the confined to be type.. Hope you feel better soon!

    Congrats to Leslie on winning the fab notebook. Thanks for the tutorial Evelyn! As soon as I find some time..... :-)

  2. sorry that you are not feeling well..i hope it passes quickly and does not turn out to be that flu. i am so excited that i won...and thanks for mentioning my giveaway. i am excited to see what you have for giveaway day!!!

  3. Ugh! So sorry to hear that you've been sick. :( I hope you feel better soon!

    It's already SMS giveaway time again? Geez... I'm so behind in my blog reading it's crazy! Can't wait to see what you've got planned. :)

  4. Hey, hope you're feeling better! Those squares look cute, look forward to seeing the quilt!


  5. Back when QuiltworksNW was in the old building (that was quite a while ago, wasn't it?) they would put together I spy packs. I bought 2 or 3. I don't know if they're still doing that or not???

    That little gift is sweet! :)