Wednesday, November 4, 2009

moleskine cover, take 3

I think this is it! I added interfacing, moved the pen holder down so that the bottom gets caught in the seam (just makes assembly a tiny bit easier), and narrowed the inner sleeves a bit (again, for assembly reasons).

I also traded out the hair tie/button closure for an easier full-length elastic closure, because it was actually a pain to sew the hair band and because I'm basically lazy and didn't relish the idea of hand-sewing all those buttons! On the top, it's in the "locked" position (elastic pulled over the back), and on the bottom it's "unlocked". It would have been better with black elastic, but I'm not picky with my prototypes. At least I did change out the white thread for brown. :-)

I also added a ribbon at the top, for a page marker. Kinda gratuitous for such a small notebook, but I like the detail.

I love this floral fabric, and I'm so glad to have found a use for it. It's a "mystery" fabric that I got at a church rummage sale. It feels like cotton, but maybe just a little bit crisper and "vintage-y". The funny thing about it is that when I iron it, it smells just slightly spicy, kinda like Opium perfume! And yes, I washed it! This one is definitely a keeper, and it's mine. :-)

So, now I'm all set to gin out a couple dozen of these at the retreat this weekend. Yay!! I'll take pictures and write up a tute while I'm there, and will post it sometime next week.


  1. Well done with trying all the prototypes! You are good! I can see it would be easier to put the pen holder lower down and sew it in the seam but I do like the look of it higher up and also the elastic and the button .. (sorry... lot of work isn't it!). My favourite is the tree one and then the paisley one.

    Looking forward to your tutorial. Might try this one! Have a great time at the retreat!

  2. this is so great...right away i loved the floral fabric you chose for this one.

  3. Oh, wow...these are awesome! I love moleskins, and especially once they are covered in pretty fabric. What great gifts!

  4. These covers are so great and I'm loving that floral fabric! You always find the greatest stuff. And I loved the description of it's special smell. Hah!