Sunday, November 15, 2009

loot report

Just when I thought my garage sale season was over... There were TWO rummage sales this weekend AND another quilter's stash sale! I'm beginning to think my husband is right - Seattle is where quilters go to retire! But at $4 per yard, the prices were a bit crazy for a garage sale, so I left empty-handed. Probably for the best, anyhow!

I have been keeping an eye out for wool sweaters to try out felting, and finally scored a few (and only 50 cents each!) at one of the rummage sales. I really wish I had taken a "before" picture, because this sweater shrunk SO much, I could hardly believe my memory of its original size. But there's the tag - it really was a women's size large. Look how tiny it became! I wonder if I even have enough material to try this project? We'll see! The other two sweaters didn't shrink as much, but still might be usable. It was a fun experiment, and I'll definitely keep an eye out for more in the future. Oh, and I learned that I should have removed those buttons before I washed the sweater - they were a bear to remove!

I also hit up the thrift store, and found this awesome old Christmas fabric - 5 yards for $2.50. Just look at that adorable chipmunk! How could I pass it up? The selvage says 1993... I wonder what it's been doing for the last 16 years?? I think its time has come, and I might just make a tablecloth out of it.

And of course, a few more vintage sheets I couldn't pass up. I love that purple one, because it's the ONLY purple sheet I've ever found! I wonder why it's so rare? Seems like every other color is represented but purple... Was it just that unpopular back in the day?


  1. Seriously, I have got to go garage saling with you!

  2. you find the best treasures!!!

  3. AHH!! You are totally right about the lack of purple sheets. That one is absolutely gorgeous!! I swear, you find the best sheets........ (ps I'm almost done with the binding on my quilt! yeehaw!)

  4. Oooo... lovin' the purple sheet! That is so cool! And I can't believe how much that sweater shrunk up... crazy!