Tuesday, November 3, 2009

moleskine cover, take 2

Here's attempt number 2 (minus the button...). I combined the Mr. Monkeysuit tutorial with a binder cover tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop. The fabric I used this time is from a pillow slipcover that I bought at a thrift store. I love to find slipcovers or duvets that have coordinating fabrics - they are perfect for projects like these!

In the binder tutorial, I liked the wider sleeves and the pockets on the inside. The stripe part here is folded over to form a pocket.

The other thing I liked from the binder tutorial is the "pillowcase" method for combining the front and back, so that the cover is exactly the size of the notebook, instead of sticking out an extra 1/4" on the top and bottom. It looks much tidier this way.

There will probably be a version 3.0 - I'm thinking about narrowing the sleeves a bit, and I might try to add some reinforcement where the button is sewn on, and I'm tempted to try it with some interfacing. After that, I'll write up a mini-tute in case anyone wants to try my version. And speaking of which, the plain Moleskine notebooks (with a blue cover) are currently on sale at Amazon for $6.15 per set of 3. That's about half price, and even cheaper than when I bought mine a couple weeks ago! I'm tempted to buy more!


  1. wow this looks really great...what a super job. i love the fabric that you used