Wednesday, November 25, 2009

notebook covers - done!

I've been busily crafting all week, but it's a bunch of small projects all being done in parallel, so no grand finishes. I did finish up all my notebook covers a few days ago, after getting my order of pens in the mail (these Zebra Sasara gel pens are my favorite). Now they're all labeled for their intended recipients, and ready to be wrapped. Yay!

Of course, right after I finished hand-stitching all the openings, I saw this Moda Bakeshop tutorial. Their instructions made me realize that a small modification would have enabled me to eliminate the opening for turning, so no hand-sewing would be needed. Grrrrr... the engineer in me is annoyed! I'm thinking about revising my tutorial post to include the easier way of doing it.

Anyway... Remember my attempt #2 journal cover? I finally sewed the button on it. :-)

And it's up for grabs. Anybody want it? Yes, the journal is included! Leave me a comment - if there's more than one, I'll pick a number on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. you got a ton done!! it must feel good. this one you are giving away is adorable. very generous of you. i would love to be included in the giveaway.

  2. Ooh, me! Those are all really lovely!

  3. well done sewing all those! and as you know, I like the ones with the buttons best so .... yes please....!!!! include me in the draw!! Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed....:-)

  4. These are adorable and such a great idea. I especially love the one with button too and such yummy fabric. You've been so busy making all these! Wow! Hope I'm not too late to be included in your giveaway.