Sunday, June 7, 2009

TGTIM - thank god tomorrow is monday!

My Portland trip was a whirlwind! Work was good (I telecommute full time, and only visit the home office a few times a year), hanging out with my friends was a blast (we even snuck in some garage saling on Saturday morning!), and my daughter had so much fun hanging out that she threw the BIGGEST TANTRUM EVER when it came time to leave. Oh joy. And then wouldn't nap on the drive, until maybe an hour from home (and after throwing the SECOND biggest tantrum ever). Poor girlie. She's normally a pretty mellow kid, but the excitement gets to her!

Not much crafting to report... I did squeeze in a little work on the quilt-along today. I'm no good at "random", so I numbered my 20 fabrics and used to randomly assign them to sets of 5. I had 5 strips of each fabric, so I made 5 sets of sets.

And here are all 20 sets, ready to be pieced (bad lighting for the photo - sorry!). If I did my math right, this means I'll end up with 80 10.5" squares. Hmmm.... That will be a big quilt.... 80"x100"??? Yikes. Maybe it will become two lap-sized quilts instead?

I also went to the Project Linus meeting today, and dropped off my quilts and swaddling blankets. They're so fun to make, but it's pretty anticlimactic to simply add them to the heap of other donated blankets. I dragged the coordinator over to at least look at mine - she was a good sport about oohing and aahing over them. :-) I helped to "wand" (they use a metal detector, like at the airport, to look for stray pins!) and bag up the blankets, and we had at least 85. That's a lot of blankies!


  1. This is going to be gorgeous! The colors look so pretty together. And glad the Portland trip went well (despite tantrum!)

  2. LOL!!! I love your version of "random". I think I need to try that. And your blankets may have just gone in the pile, but know that they are definitely going to be used and loved by someone. It's worth it! :)