Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last weekend's loot - books!

I don't usually pick up "vintage" books at garage sales. I'm not really into having books just for show - I like to buy them cheap, read them, and pass them on. So darn pragmatic! But when I saw this set ($20), I couldn't pass it up. I think it's because I can actually envision reading these with Vada, not just having them sit on a shelf. They're also just about as old as I am, and remind me of many days spent in the library reading every Nancy Drew book they had. Maybe I was overcome by nostalgia!

You can't tell from the photos, but these are "topsy turvy" books - each one is really two books, with the second book printed upside down so that the stories meet in the middle. So cool! There are 5 Babar stories, plus a bunch of classics, like "Heidi" and "Grimm's Fairy Tales".

Each story has its own typeface and illustration style, and they are all really wonderful. I love the title on the one below - "My Mother is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World". Nice!

Each book (both sides!) has a book plate in the front, with the previous owner's name (Fred) and his address (in Illinois). And at the beginning of each story, Fred also stuck a tiny little name sticker. Maybe he put it there when he was done reading the story, as a sign that he had finished it? It's a mystery!

And of course, I picked up a few more sheets and pillowcases. I really love those green ones! I'm itching to get started on another vintage linen quilt, but I've got a LOT of other WIPs in the queue that need to get finished up first. But I guess that's just good motivation to get through them, right? Right!


  1. Wow, what a find with those books!! They are so cool! I bet you and Vada are going to have many memories of reading them together!

  2. Those books are an amazing find. I have one of them (also found at the thrift store), and they are great. I really like Babar too - he was one of my favorites as a child.

    And of course, the vintage linens are gorgeous!

  3. wow, those are awesome books!! i've never heard of that kind before.

  4. I would so love to get my hands on that set of books. I had them, passed down from my brother and sister, when I was growing up. I loved them. We sold them when we moved, since I had moved on to chapter books by then. Now I'm wishing to have them for my girls. What an amazing find!!!