Wednesday, June 17, 2009

birthday shirt for Zak

I can't remember if I blogged about this before, but here's a picture of a shirt I made for my daughter's birthday in April. (If the bottom looks a little weird, it's because it is weird - it used to be a onesie, and I cut off the bottom somewhat "creatively" and serged it. Whatever - it's a birthday shirt!).

Vada's best buddy Zak (in Portland) is turning 3 next week, so I whipped up this shirt for him. I'm so sad we'll miss his party - it's a Little Einstein theme, and I know Vada would have had such a blast. But it's just too soon for another trip down, especially when we'll be down again next month for a wedding, and then again 3 weeks later for another wedding! Yay for summer weddings!

I like how it turned out, though if I had to do it over, I probably would have used the purple thread to outline the 3. And I would have remembered to use a stablizer right from the beginning instead of after a few inches of sewing! And I'm a cheapie - I just use old dryer sheets for stablizer. Works good enough for me!

Last time, I appliqued the 3 onto the background first, and then appliqued the background to the shirt. The first step didn't work so well, and I ended up with some slight puckering in places. This time I fused the 3 to the background and then fused the background to the shirt, and did all the applique at the same time. Much better!


  1. Your daughter's name is Vada? I was just talking about how much I like that name!!! It's so uncommon, but so cute! Do you mind sharing her middle name? Cute like that little birthday shirt! Good idea with that.

  2. Both of those turned out so well - and what a great idea for three-year-olds!

    P.S. Vada is beautiful. I really like her expression in this photo.