Friday, June 19, 2009

barefoot no more

There's that old saying: "The cobbler's children go barefoot"...

Vada needed a lighter blanket for daycare, and I was tempted to just go buy a cheap fleece one for her. Because sewing something for her would cut into my quilting time. :-) Yeah, that's just as dumb as it sounds!

After I resolved to make her a blankie, the idea percolated in my brain for a few days. I wanted something lightweight (so not a true quilt) but still snuggly. And of course, I wanted to use my loot! I have tons of flannel waiting to be made into swaddling blankets, so maybe just an oversized swaddler? Boring... I also have a ton of novelty prints, so maybe a "quilt" with no batting, with flannel on one side and fun prints on the other? Getting warmer... I went through my stash and picked out all the girlie ones that appealed to me - fairies, mermaids, and kittens!

And even some mermaid kittens!! This one ("merkitties", by Michael Miller) is definitely my favorite - check out the kittie holding up those um... bubbles? sea urchins?

But how to join the layers? Ah, how about that "baste as you go" trick from Des? Perfecto! As I was doing it, I realized that it's really just one huge foundation pieced block! Not that I've ever done any foundation piecing, mind you. But I've read about it. :-)

I sewed the strips down, squared up the edges, did one line of wavy top stitching for each row, and then bound it like a regular quilt (machine finished). I love it! It's so snuggly, and just the perfect size and weight. And it only took me about 3 hours!

For the record, the flannel happened to be about 57" long, and I happened to pick out 7 fabrics. So I cut 8.5" strips of each, and ended up with a blanket that's about 40" x 56".


  1. Those merkittens are something else!! What a great way to quilt...basting as you go! I will have to try this! I'm sure Vada is going to be the envy of all the kids in the nap room. :)

  2. this is adorable...what a fun fast lovie

  3. This is great! I really like the look of strip quilts. I've thought of piecing one on flannel just like you did, but I'm always afraid I won't get the strips lined up correctly - this makes it look not so hard. And I have made several kids' quilts with just a flannel backing - they are a bit lighter and more portable, so very good for school and daycare.

  4. Yep! You're right on the money with the "foundation piecing" theory. That's what it is! Good job. I love fast, quick and easy! oh and mermaid kitties!!

  5. It looks so cuddly, and you found great prints! I love it when quilts and blankets are so well used! lovely!

  6. Great job!

    And the, achem, one with the bubbles. Really puts the "kitten" in merkitten, eh? hehe