Friday, June 12, 2009

road trip loot report

What's a road trip without a little shopping? On my my trip to Portland last weekend, I stopped in a few thrift stores and scored a bunch of fun pillowcases...

these two really fine cotton sheets ($7 each - WAY more than I'd normally spend, but I just couldn't resist - they're pristine, and 100% cotton)...

these assorted sheets...

this fun monkey sheet (for what, I have no idea! but it's also 100% cotton), and another IKEA Rosali duvet cover. Like I needed another hole in my head. Whatever. They find me, what can I say?


  1. EV-A-LYN!!! Stop. Stop now. You are making me covet and that is a in one of the biggies....10 commandments.

    i don't know how you score these things...but i'm shopping with you from now on!

  2. What great finds! I didn't go to the bootsale over here last sunday, but certainly considering it now! although I never find as much as you do! Well done!!

  3. Those are all gorgeous! Amazingly great finds (as usual). I really like the older 100% cotton sheets. They make great quilt backs, IMO.

    P.S. What's with all the Ikea Rosali in the thrift store - mass redecorating or something :)?

  4. So jealous of all these! I agree about the 7 dollars being a bit pricey, but I always compare it to fabric's still a bargain! Any plans for what to make with all these?