Sunday, July 12, 2009

loot report - yet more linens and fabric

On Friday, I ventured down to Renton to hit up IKEA [June - your duvet cover has been procured, and will be on its way to you soon!]. I mapped out all the thrift stores nearby, and had a great time checking them out. There are some really great shops down there - I hit a Value Village, a Goodwill, and a Salvation Army store, and they were all really huge and clean and well organized. I wish I could say they were cheap, but no. The prices are about the same as here (pillowcases $1, and sheets around $4-8). But they had a lot to choose from - I got a dozen pillowcases (my favorite is the one on the right in the middle row)...

And some sheets. Check out the yellow one!

In the afternoon, I hit up a nearby garage sale which had mentioned having fabric for $1 a yard. As I made smalltalk with the seller about the weather and sewing and kids, I mentioned that I was making blankets for Project Linus. She was excited to hear it, and said she had been hoping to run into someone from the organization, and she proceeded to give me all the kids novelty fabrics she had. It was so nice, and I think we both were glowing a little bit. It's nice fabric too - the two on top are at least a yard each, and the bottom two are flannels of several yards each (and there was a small stack of scraps that I didn't take a picture of). The pink is 60" wide - I'm not sure I've ever seen a flannel in that width! It's too big for a swaddling blanket, but I'm thinking it will be perfect as backing for a couple more "quiltlets" like I made for my daughter last month. I think those will be next up on my list - that lady was just so sweet, and I really want to see her fabric in some PL blankets!

And of course, there was some fabric for me... :-) She did let me pay for these, but gave me a great deal - $5 for about 10 yards. That brown in the middle is an awesome older Alexander Henry print, and I really love the blue floral one too.

It was a pretty great loot day. :-) And now it's time to buckle down for a while, and get to work on all those projects I have lined up!


  1. Amazing haul! I love those vintage pillowcases - I'm really partial to the 1970's colors (gold/avocado, etc.) And that fabric is great - how kind of the woman at the sale to give you those great prints. I don't piece my backs (because I can't get them straight!) so I find 60" wide fabric works really well for backing.

  2. Look at your growing stash! All of these are amazing. How nice of that lady to give you free fabric for project linus!