Monday, July 6, 2009

progress, but no completions

I have been super busy, but I don't have any finished projects to show. Grrrr! That's what I get for having so many things going at once.... Here's a recap of my last week:
  • I finally pieced the backs for my two Old Red Barn quilt-along quilts. I don't love (to put it mildly) that abstract purple on the right, but I had a bunch in my stash and most of the colors matched, so I used it. I'm happy that I found a project that it goes well with, and doubly happy to have it out of my stash. :-) The fabric on the left is a really colorful batik, also from the stash. The stripes in the middle are the leftover blocks, with a few strips of the purple added in to get that section to the correct width.

  • I finally finished piecing my second zigzag quilt. I cut it out at the same time as the first one, and got as far as piecing all the blocks of 4, and then the blocks sat for months. I was so happy to get the top completed!
  • I spent Thursday on my hands and knees, basting 4 quilts (3 for Project Linus, plus the second zigzag).
  • I spent Friday nursing an aching back from too much basting!
  • Over the weekend, I quilted the zigzag. This time I used straight lines instead of following the zigzags, and it went SO much faster. It's maybe not quite as cool, but I like it. And I think the pattern on the back looks nifty!

  • I also continued working on these blocks. You might recognize these fabrics from the two zigzags! Months ago, I saw this design in an older quilt magazine and thought it would be so cool with linens. I happened to have a lot of 3" strips left over from the zigzags (and gawd, just how many times can I type zigzag in one post??), which I thought would be perfect. I'll post more about this one later, including a full reference (assuming I can find that magazine somewhere in the stacks of them upstairs...).

  • Lastly, I quilted up one of the Project Linus quilts. Man, I hate that monster batting. The quilt came out okay, but not great. I didn't even want to take a picture of it. How sad is that? Maybe after I get it bound, I'll like it better. And I just have to keep telling myself - it's warm and cuddly and colorful, and that's all that matters.


  1. That purple looks really good with it! Really don't know what you are talking about... perfect !!

  2. Whoa! That's a lot of work! I just met a huge work deadline so haven't gotten any sewing/quilting done, and this is very inspiring!

    I really like the square in square design - technically, I guess it's a log cabin variation? - those are some of my favorite quilt patterns.

  3. That's frustrating, to have so much progress with no actual finishes. The different quilting on the zigzag looks great!

    Liz @ teeny tiny quilts

  4. your quilting looks beautiful...i have one that needs quilting and that might be the way i go. thanks for the idea. i love your blocks with the vintage sheets. It looks so pretty and makes something so old seem so modern.

  5. i found some more sheets this weekend! A tad more bright than my usuals!!! yea!! I don't think you can ever say zig zag enough.

  6. Evelyn all your quilts are so pretty!!! Glad I stopped in to thank you for your kind words on my blog..funny I just ordered that book!!

  7. You have been busy!! I like the back of your ORB quilt lots! Also, what a cool idea with the zigzag quilting. I love it. I really need to get a walking foot so I can do quilting like that.

  8. Holy cow! You have been uber-productive! (I'm feeling jealous right now!) I love how you pieced that back... it looks great (and what an awesome use for that crazy purple)! And the quilting on zigzag#2 is very striking. Sigh... another quilt to add to my to-make list, I think. :P