Monday, July 6, 2009

little bit o' loot

For the record, the 4th of July weekend is not a great one for garage sales. I only hit a couple, and spent a whopping $3. But I did score a few treasures, and only a buck each - two rulers (5" and 2.5") and a new cutting mat.

I'm pretty excited about the mat, since mine (the green Olfa underneath) has some pretty serious warps (um, I was careless with an embossing gun several years ago...). The new one is a Fiskars, and it's very plain jane (no angles, etc.), but at least it's in good shape! I was surprised to see that it's not exactly the same size as the Olfa - it's only marked for 23 x 35, and the outer edges are 24 x 36. I'm not sure I understand the logic, but whatever!

This is some fabric I picked up the weekend before last, but didn't bother to mention. I don't normally go for barkcloth, but this one was just so colorful, and only 25 cents, so I bought it. I wasn't until I had washed it and was ironing it that I saw the selvedge. I was surprised to see a name I recognized! This fabric feels so old to me, and I always think of Alexander Henry as a "new" fabric company. Makes me want to learn more...


  1. Look at your great finds! That fabric is fantastic!

  2. fun fabric and great finds!!! i love finding a treasure

  3. Wonderful finds! I really want a 24x36 cutting mat - I can't believe you found one that cheaply! And that barkcloth is gorgeous - I'm now interested to know more about it too. (I wonder if you could write to the company?)

  4. Ooo... pretty fabric! Do you have a plan for it? And the mat/rulers were definitely a steal!