Wednesday, July 29, 2009

holy heat wave, batman!

Seattle is roasting! I've been struggling to work in a house that's 85 degrees. But we're one of the lucky ones to actually have a window unit (upstairs; office is downstairs), so at least we can sleep at night, so I guess I can't complain too much. That poor thing is really working overtime!

Meanwhile, I haven't been sewing, but I've been preparing to get ready to start sewing! ;-) My stash of vintage sheets was overwhelming me. I have so many great ones, but starting any sort of project with them was a daunting task - imagine hauling out a dozen full-size sheets, unfolding each one, cutting a small portion off, folding it back up, etc. What a waste of time! So, I decided to go crazy, and cut up my entire stash into fat quarter sizes. Now they'll be all ready to go when I need them (not to mention, all ready to go for swapping!). At the same time, I'm taking a bit of each and cutting them into squares for my next project. It's been a huge task, but right up my OCD alley! I'm almost done, and will post some pics when it's all gloriously organized. Meanwhile, here's an in-progress picture...

Crazy, right?? And as if I needed any more, I found four more great ones at Value Village last Friday. I didn't even really plan on buying anything, but just thought I'd drop in with my daughter for a fun end-of-the-week outing. The smoothie place is right next door, so Vada gets a yummy treat while I get to shop with a happy toddler in tow - win/win!

Let me tell you, I was SO excited to find that pink and orange floral on the upper left. I already have it in green and blue, and now pink! It's gorgeous - I love the combo of pink and orange. It totally made up for a crappy morning of garage saling on Saturday. I went to FOUR rummage sales, and didn't find anything good. Not a thing! Vada, on the other hand, finally discovered Barbies. And now she owns two. I felt a little yucky about bringing Barbie into the house, but I knew this day would come. On the bright side, she hasn't played with them nearly as much as the new Woodkins toy we also found (for $1 - woot!). We spent some time tonight going through my scrap box picking out new fabrics for it. Fun!


  1. wow! so pretty, and what a commitment to cut all of those sheets up...i really want to do the same but i'll probably start and then shove it all into a big plastic bin for months or never finish :: thanks for commenting on my blog :)

  2. wow, that was a huge undertaking. look at all those sheets!! they are so pretty. sorry that it is so hot. my ac is broken today so i think i am going to be able to relate really well.

  3. Oh my gosh, look at your organized stash! I love that pink and orange floral print as well. I keep all my linens in containers, but I often forget what I have and end up getting everything out and making a huge mess everytime I make anything. SO, I have some shelving units that I think I'm going to set up, so I can SEE everything I have and hopefully avoid anymore big messes! Cutting them into fat quarters was a good idea!

  4. OMG! look at all those linens! holy cow!
    cutting into FQs is a good plan! Lucky you or rather check out all that hard work. Finding really good ones isn't easy.

  5. oh my gosh! heaven! i love vintage linens, but have the hardest finding them - lucky you!