Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PIF time!

 Sweet Marguerite twisted my arm into playing the Pay it Forward game...

Here are the rules, as I copied them from her blog:

1. I will make a little something for the first three people who comment on this post. It will be a surprise and it will arrive on your doorstep when you least expect it!
2. I will have 365 days to do it in.
What's the catch? To get a handmade prezzie from me, you have to play too.
1. You must have a blog.
2. BEFORE you comment here, you must post about your Pay It Forward on your blog to keep the fun going, and display the Pay It Forward button.

Here are my addendums:
- If you don't want a total surprise, I'm happy to take suggestions about what you'd like.  How about a book bag, quiltie, or  toddler birthday shirt?  I've also been thinking about trying some needlebooks and pin cushions, and I can make a pretty great bunting (fabric or paper)...
- I'd also be more than happy to "make" a crafty surprise package for you.  It's not technically hand-made, but you can be sure some labor was involved.  ;-)  Maybe you'd like some vintage linen FQs or 6" squares?  Or maybe a 12000 yard spool of white cotton thread?  How about a set of 5" or 6" novelty squares?  Pretty much any thrifted find you may have seen on my blog over the last year is fair game.  You know how I love to share the loot!   Well, except the beer fridge - my husband would be sad.
- You don't have to post on your blog first.  Who ever thought that was a good idea?   Comment here, then go post when you have time.  :-)


  1. WELL..... Good job I pop into to your blog from time to time ! TWISTED hey? ... ha ha ha .... I knew you'd come up trumps Evelyn. No twisting needed there!

    I commented and posted later too.. and I haven't got a clue how to post that button on the side... but the important thing is continueing the giving and as you do that ALL the time anyway there is no problem there!

  2. ahhhh this is thebabykitties from swapbot. Always loving your vintage fq swaps (yes, I collect vintage sheeting as fabric and I don't sew but I have to learn!) or swapbot is the easiest place to get a hold of me. LOL.

    Maybe I should post PIFS in my etsy store instead?

  3. ps please teach me how to quilt over the internet. lol