Sunday, April 26, 2009

recent project - little quiltie

I recently did a Swap-bot swap called "Just The Scraps Ma'm", in which we were supposed to raid our scrap baskets to make some sort of project for our partner. It was completely open-ended, so I decided to try out the applique technique I had seen on the Don’t look now blog. Her work is so beautiful!! I used the“Flower Garden Pillow” tutorial as a reference to make this little quiltie:

To start, I rummaged around in my scrap basket, and found these pink and orange scraps from a dress that I had made for my daughter last year, and thought they would be perfect for the flowers.

For the leaves, I used some green scraps from my first Project Linus quilt:

Here it is after fusing the pieces on:

And after the free-motion applique (which was MUCH harder than I thought it would be!):

And finally, after stippling. I was not brave enough to try the super-fancy quilting!

For the white background and the flowered backing, I used bits of the thrifted sheets that I'm using for my zig-zag quilt.

So, that’s the story. This little quiltie has scraps from my past and current projects, and I think it turned out pretty well for my first try!

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  1. So awesome!!! It turned out beautifully! You seriously rocked the free-motion applique. :)