Tuesday, September 22, 2009

loot report - thread, buttons, linens, and... a fridge!

(I'm such a Stephen Colbert fan, I can't see the word "report" without pronoucing it as "re-poor" in my head...)

I hit a couple rummage sales on Saturday, and here's the loot I scored:

A box of what I think is machine embroidery thread. It's nylon, and super shiny and pretty! No, I don't have an embroidery machine. But my BFF down in Portland does, so I'll see if she can use it. Worth a chance for $2!

Another box of random specialty threads (another $2) which included these variegated ones. Aren't they cool? I've never used thread like this before, so it should be fun to experiment to see how they stitch up. If anyone has any tips, let me know!

$3 worth of cheapo plastic buttons. Not nice enough to sew with, but they will be fun for Vada to play with - lots of sorting and lacing and collage possibilities!

And of course, a few more linens that I couldn't pass up. The striped one is buttery soft 100% cotton, and just check out the size of those orange polka dots! It's also all cotton, and will someday make an awesome quilt back!

And last, but not least, the best find of the day - a crappy old dorm fridge! My husband and I have been hemming and hawing for months about getting extra fridge/freezer storage for the garage, but we just can't decide on what we need. He wants something to hold beer, I'd like some extra freezer space for stocking up, and we might like having extra fridge space for those rare occasions when host parties. So, do we want just another fridge/freezer combo (and why doesn't anyone make a combo that is 50/50 instead of always 80/20??), or do we want a little upright freezer plus a little fridge that we could stack? We've been looking, and thinking, and debating, and getting nowhere. So when I saw this crappy little thing for $5, I figured, what the heck! At least we'll have something, and we can always freecycle it when we find something more permanent. And meanwhile, the husband is HAPPY - priceless!



  1. Wow, you DID score! Love that thread.

    And you know - I never thought of the 50/50 fridge - but what a GREAT idea! I so need one of those. I am always bitching about the lack of freezer space in our extra fridge in the garage. I would be all over a 50/50 one.

  2. Ack! Sorry about the bad word. You can edit me or delete me if you want!

  3. At $5, I think you have found the best and cheapest present for any man...don't they all dream of having a beer fridge? :o)

  4. Look at that thread! you do make some amazing finds! I am sure that will sew up beautifully! As for the embroidery one, I have just seen somewhere (can't remember where) a post about raw edge applique. You cut out your shape, then put normal cotton in the bobbin, embroidery one on the top and finely zigzag over the edges and it comes out beautifully. I have been thinking of trying that out so maybe you want to give it a go before you send it all off!

  5. Some great finds this weekend! Don't be in a rush to get rid of that "embroidery" thread. There's no law saying it can't be used for something else! I DO have an embroidery machine but I also use my thread for topstitching and such. Very pretty!


  6. OOO! And what a good idea from Rafael's Mum -try what she said with variegated too! Very cool!

  7. love the orange polka dot sheet sooo cute~

  8. I'm not sure what I'm more envious of, the cool thread itself of the wood spools! I love variegated thread on white fabric.

  9. I have the same sheet. The one in the middle with the 4 squares of color. I'm still thinking about what to use it for. Might use the 4 color blocks as the focus of a large log cabin.