Friday, April 24, 2009

thrifted sheets zig-zag quilt

I've been fantasizing about making a zig-zag quilt like Amandajean described on the Bee Square blog. And, I've been fantasizing about making all sorts of quilts using vintage/thrifted sheets. I've been collecting the linens for the last year or so, initially for use in making reusable grocery bags. I did make quite a few of those (and inflicted them on every friend and family member for the last couple xmases), but still the sheets kept coming home with me from the garage sales and thrift stores. I have quite a collection now, probably enough to make a dozen quilts! So, I figured I'd start off with that totally cool zig-zag quilt! I've gotten as far as sewing the blocks and pairing them up, in preparation for sewing the diagonal rows:

Actually, I went a little nuts and have another version that I'm doing at the same time, which uses lighter fabrics. But that one is not quite as far along. For the white, I'm also using a thrifted sheet. I can't believe I'm going to go on about a plain old white SHEET, but this one was just lovely. It was 100% cotton, with a really nice body to it. It was old, but perfectly clean, bright white, and pressed. I got it at a rummage sale for one dollar. I wish I could say thank you to the little old lady who took such good care of it!


  1. Oh my gosh....look at the vibrant colors of those sheets. I have NEVER found any that vibrant yet! Mine are mostly white-ish. I was thinking of a zigzag too. Maybe the next one!!

    Great blog, girl!!!

  2. How fun! It is looking awesome so far. Speaking of vintage pillowcases, have you seen this one at Oh, Fransson!?

  3. This is a totally cute idea! I actually have that sheet that's second up from the bottom :) I cut it up and sent it out on the first sheet swap you hosted!