Tuesday, April 28, 2009

this weekend's loot

Here's the loot from this weekend... First we have this wood box-like thing that I'm planning use for fabric storage of some sort ($1) and a really sweet vintage sheet ($4.50). I normally wouldn't pay that much for a sheet, but I just loved those oranges and pinks!

More movies for the kid (she's 3)... $16 for 10. I feel like I should explain that we don't have normal TV, just a projector and DVD player, so shows like these are the only things she watches. We watched Spirit together, and I was glad to see that the scary parts weren't too scary for her. I'm not sure she'll watch the Wiggles, but I like them, so I got them anyway!

Finally, I was super-excited to score this blank journal for only 50 cents! I've been keeping a journal for my daughter ever since I was pregnant, and am on something like my 5th volume now. I have only a few criteria for them - they have to be lined, sturdy, and open fully (like spiral bound). This one is perfect, and beautiful too. I love it when I find something that I actually use, and would have paid good money for.

By the way, I'm trying something new with this post (uploading straight from Picasa), so if it shows up wrong, I apologize in advance!


  1. SCORE on the sheet!!! super cute! and I LOVE Spirit!! LOVE! great music and my daughter played horses and watched the extra's on the dvd's (the art parts and music) for YEARS. We don't have TV either, so i hear ya on the dvd's!

  2. Hi Evelyn! I just wanted to let you know I got my post up on my blog using your zig zag quilt. You can check it out here. www.annieqdesigns.blogspot.com. Thanks again for letting include your quilt in my post. I can't wait to share mine with you in the future. Thanks for the inspiration.