Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hanging my minis

I hate to admit, but I've never hung a quilt before. I was so thrilled with my new wall hangings, and really wanted to get them up. I had this idea in my head that involved covered buttons (shank removed, glued to thumbtacks), twine and clothespins. In my head, it looked adorable. In practice, not so much....

But then I remembered this wacky lady named Nan from Pots & Pins, who 'fessed up to stapling her quilts to the wall. If she could use staples, why not thumbtacks?? I just gently pushed the tacks through the quilt, and it worked great!

Here's a couple different styles for ya. We've got some kinda big buttons that match the binding...

And some small buttons that match the background, so that they are almost camouflaged...

And some fun and contrasty buttons (I was too lazy to run upstairs to get actual fabric from the quilt, and that red polka dot was at hand)....

For the long wall hanging, I thought I'd try a cleaner look. I had sewn little triangles into the backing (not knowing how I'd eventually hang it), and so I tried putting the buttons in there.

That worked okay, but was a little bulky (and why waste a pretty button where no one will see it?), so I pulled out the button-tack and just used a plain old tack instead. Works great!

I love it! So easy and so quick. I do realize that the tacks might eventually rust or pull the fabric or whatnot. But I'm cool with that. The instant gratification is worth it. :-)


  1. I think the fabric buttons are so much fun! I would have never thought to do that!

  2. Very clever and I love the idea of using the fabric covered buttons!

  3. these are all really awesome ways to hang up a quilt.

  4. Like the covered button/tacks - very clever. The minis all look so lovely - what a great project this was.