Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my little sweatshop

So... you all know how crazy my stash is... (this isn't even half of it!)

Yes, I am a fabric magnet, and I have no self control when it comes to bringing home orphans, especially novelty prints. I just can't help myself! Somebody needs to love the poor things, and make them into something useful! I've been making Project Linus quilts as fast as I can, but I am a slowwwww quilter, and I just can't keep up. It's been really weighing on me - should I stop looking? But I really enjoy it! Stop buying? Um, I can try, but not likely gonna happen! Donate it to Project Linus? Well, yeah, but that seems a little pointless (especially when they pretty much won't let you leave a meeting without taking a bag of fabric home with you!). What to do?

Well, have you seen the latest Craft Hope project? It's pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer ("giving sick kids a reason to smile... one pillowcase at a time"). I can't tell you how excited I was to see this project! I love to make pillowcases (see this post), and it's a perfect use for all those orphan novelty fabrics!

I started whipping some up, wondering just how many I could crank out in a month. I was making great progress, but I still have WAY more fabric than I can process. So I started wondering... how many could I make if I pulled in some friends? Maybe my sewing buddies would like to help out? And maybe there are some lurking local readers who would like to meet us and help too??

So, how about it? This Friday afternoon (1-5pm), my place, a pillowcase making party! You don't even have to bring anything, or have any sewing skills, or stay the whole time. You can even bring the kids (I'm talking to you, Robin!). Don't be shy - I'd love to meet some more local folks, and now's our chance!


  1. ahhh...a fellow addict. i so can relate to you. but unlike you, i don't really sew with my fabric! ha ha ha! now that's really bad, huh?! well, i hope to do more sewing very soon! :)

    i saw pillow case project at one of the fabric stores (yes, there a shop hop the past two weekends...aaaacks!) and thought it was really neat. i would be soooo at your place this friday if i lived by you! sounds like so much fun! :) what a great way to meet people!!!!!!! :) have a blast! :)

  2. I don't know how helpful I'll be with an infant and a rampaging toddler, but count us in! We'll at least be able to cheer y'all on! :)

  3. Thanks for doing this. I can't help, the commute from Florida just wouldn't work. Hope your pillowcase bee works!

  4. Oh I wish I could participate!! What a great idea and how awesome that you are able to use your beloved fabrics!! :o)
    Have a great time sewing!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  5. Hey! no fair, I want to come, BUT I live too far away! in Idaho! Have fun, it is a good cause.

  6. How exciting! I'll bring over my machine tomorrow!yippee!