Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tiny bit o' loot

It wouldn't be a trip to Portland without a Saturday morning spent garage saling with my pals. I miss them so much! Most of what I bought was toddler clothes (useful, but boring!). The only crafty find was this set of 3 gingham crib sheets ($1 each).

They will be added to the gingham collection that is slowly growing in my closet...

I have no real plan for these, other than "maybe a quilt someday". Or maybe just quilt backs? What would you do with them?

By the way, my chocolate covered potato chips were in a 3-way tie for 4th place in the dessert category at the Potato Fest. Funny enough, TWO other people brought the same thing!! It was the first year anyone brought them, and then 3 people did. I blame Google. :-)


  1. You DO have a gowing gingham collection!!! Very nice!

  2. How about a quilt with sqaures in the gingham (e.g the blue or the yellow)checquerboard with novelty squares and then the big bits for the backing. I could see the yellow gingham inbetween yellow duckie fabric with a spot binding...