Thursday, September 24, 2009

the giveaway winner is....

Congrats to #20, Miss QuiltyGoodness! I decided to pick another winner, for a smaller set of squares, and that one goes to #5, Miss Jane at Sew Create It! I'll be in touch with you both to get your postal addresses. Thanks everyone for entering, and for sharing all those great mom and grandma stories - I loved hearing them!

I haven't done much sewing at all this week (stupid work), but I did manage to cut out my squares for the Sew Many Ways I-Spy swap. It's not like I really NEED any more 5" novelty squares, but I can't seem to pass up a good swap. I plan to turn my swap squares into another Happy Blocks quilt for Project Linus.

And I guess this is somewhat crafty... We're heading down to Portland tomorrow, and the highlight of the weekend is a friend's annual "Potato Fest". It's a sort of cookoff, where every recipe needs to be made with potatoes of some sort. I wanted something easy that I could whip up quickly and with minimal tools. In my googling, I came across chocolate dipped potato chips. My first batch was made with plain old Ruffles, and the chocolate is a mix of milk chocolate bark and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

They taste surprisingly good! I tried a second batch with a fancier chip (Kettle chips, I think?) that was thicker, but I actually liked the Ruffles better. I might even try it with Pringles, just for laughs. I sent the first two batches to work with my husband (just to get them out of the house!), and they got good reviews. I doubt they'll win any prizes, but they sure are fun!


  1. hooray for the winners!!! your squares look so pretty all stacked up nice like that. And those dipped potato chips are genius!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Evelyn,
    Your squares are too cute, I love them. I can't believe you dipped the chips too. The other day at work we needed something sweet and salty and that's just what we made. They are delicious!!