Saturday, June 5, 2010

leaning tower of swaddle

13 Project Linus swaddling blankets, done! (I know, I said 15 before - either I miscounted initially, or I've lost 2 somewhere in the house - both possibilities are equally likely!) Here are twelve of them, very precariously stacked...

The 13th, in this incredibly adorable Valori Wells "Little Owl" flannel, was a gift for my friend Robin and her new little boy. Oh my, what a cutie pie! I even got to hold him while he slept, all snuggly wrapped in it - what a treat for me!

The Project Linus blankets were such a mix of fabrics - I just used whatever I had in my stash. My favorite was this Mexican food print. I hope the family that gets this has a sense of humor! I know I would have loved it, so I hope someone else will too!

One of those (many) UFOs in my stash is another swaddling blanket. I'm going to use that one to make a tutorial, and will post that when I'm done. (Not that the world needs yet another swaddling blanket tutorial, but whatever!) I'm not sure when that will be, because I've started my "clean slate" project and already have a few items in the queue:
  • A table quilt, sort of like this one, but in vintage linens.
  • A second pink quilt, for another friend fighting breast cancer.
  • The postcard quilt.
All of these are basted, so I've got some serious quilting ahead of me! I was tempted to list ALL the WIPs I've got, but I think it would just overwhelm me. So, I think I'll just try it three at a time, and not look too far ahead!


  1. You are amazing and they all look so gorgeous and useful!! When mine were young I made do with a piece of muslin... nobody had heard of swaddling blankets and how I would have liked to have one! So yes please to a tutorial, it would be nice to make one for a new mum when one of my friends gets a baby..

  2. look at all of this...that is amazing. i love those owls!!! i can not think about all my wips anymore or even all the things i want to head would explode. i keep wanting to do the tutorial, but my machine is now broken and at the repair for two weeks now!!!

  3. LOL @ the Mexican food blanket...


  4. Thanks Evelyn, I look forward to a swaddling blanket tutorial. I love to quilt, but sometimes a quick project (finished) is a good thing.


  5. These are really nice - I especially like the Mexican food blanket! And I also like the Little Owls fabric - I used it in a cat quilt.

    Best of luck with the WIP's - I'm afraid to even start listing mine! I have way too many unquilted tops.

  6. The owls are my favorite! You are amazing to get all these done. I'm tired just thinking about it... Good job!

    Warm hugs,

  7. I've been working with that owl-y fabric, this very week! It's so soft. I'm sure baby loved it.

    Good job on the project linus!!!

  8. I found you on In Stitches today. I would love to wrap a baby in a Mexican food blanket. How fun that would be! Just too cute!! Oh and let me say you have a cool blog. Very interesting and enjoyable. I've never seen vintage sheets for sale before. I'll start looking for them now.