Monday, June 28, 2010

bee blocks and the table quilt

To my bee partners: I'm so sorry I haven't thanked you all individually for your blocks, and that it's taken me so long to post pics! Here are the ones I have received so far - aren't they awesome?? I absolutely love them!

Top row: Two from Leslie, (thank you for sending two blocks!), plus my sample block
Middle row: Jodie, Amanda, and Jane (and thank you Jane for the beautiful notecards!)
Bottom row: Two from Janice (thanks for sending two blocks!)

I've made a little more progress on my table quilt. I'm happy to report that the top is all quilted. Yay!

From the beginning, my plan was to have the final size of the quilt exactly match the size of the table. I made the top at least a few inches bigger in both dimensions, thinking I would trim it down to size just before I put the binding on. Of course the fabric is pre-washed (a zillion times over - ha!), but I didn't bother to pre-wash the batting. And I've never stopped to calculate how much shrinkage there is from the quilting itself. So... after serging the edges and giving it a wash and dry, I am dismayed to find that it's already slightly smaller than the table!! And I still need to straighten up the sides! Oh well, it's all good. It will still work okay, and I'll know better next time!

Check out the backing - isn't this an awesome print? It's another old sheet - it was in pretty bad shape, but there was just enough good fabric left for this quilt. I might even like this side better than the top!


  1. Your bee blocks are awesome! That is going to be a fun quilt. And I love the table quilt-- it has awesome texture (even better in person!), and the backing is fabulous.

  2. I love the table quilt! The back is amazing! Very nice.

  3. Goooorgeous table topper, and that backing is incredible! Love the bee blocks so far -- funny how those yellow stripes showed up a few times.

  4. i love the back of that quilt and those blocks...they look so great. they look much like what i envision blocks for the vintage bee quilt thing i just got myself involved in. i am terrified.

  5. hope to finish your block the next night or so! Last minute nelly!

  6. Lovely bee blocks! Your table quilt is looking great on both sides. It is so sunny and happy, Evelyn!
    ; )

  7. Love the backing! It's so fun looking

  8. Your table quilt looks wonderful - on both sides.