Tuesday, March 16, 2010

on a roll

I have a million other projects I could be (should be) working on, but for some reason I feel compelled to finish up the other two Project Linus quilts I have in progress. These patchwork tops were pieced in October and basted in December, and I'm on a tear to get them done. I got the first one quilted this weekend...

Check out that totally even diagonal quilting! Are you wondering how I managed that??

I tried something new to me - quilting from the back! The backing is an awesome huge polka dot, just perfect for it. It was even extra-wide, so no piecing was required. Sorry, I have no idea where it came from (it was a PL donation, and had no selvage info). I'm not sure I totally love the overall effect- it looks a little like a mass-produced bedspread to me. But still, it was super quick and easy to do, and I loved trying something new!

The other one is about 25% done, and with any luck I'll have them both finished this week!


  1. The quilting looks great!

  2. Lovely tip on quilting!
    I finally got around to use some of your pretty vintage sheets charms...
    ; )

  3. Look at you go! I love that brown dot.

  4. The quilting looks awesome! I'm still attempting to psyche myself up to try some grid quilting. Some day...

  5. that is great...what a awesome idea to use the backing to follow.