Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"4" birthday shirt

Last year, I made this "3" birthday shirt for Vada...

I guess it's a tradition now, because I made her a "4" shirt too!

She's grown so much! (Which reminds me - her toenail fell off last week, and all is well with that...)

This year, she even helped with the fabrics. I picked out a dozen or so, and she chose her 3 favorites. Here's the template I started from, just whipped up in PowerPoint, using clip art for the butterfly. (If anyone would like the PPT file or a PDF version, let me know - I can even change the number for you...)

And here it is fused down...

And a close up of the stitching. I was so excited to see that my machine has a "O" buttonhole stitch - it was perfect for the tip of the antennae!

I have to admit, the non-symmetrical-ness of the 4 kinda bugs me. But by the time she's 8, butterflies might be uncool! My math geek friend Mandy reminded me that next year, I can use "V" (the roman numeral for 5), which is also Vada's initial. Fun!!


  1. this is so cute...look how much one little one can change in a year. it is amazing.

  2. What a sweet little girl! Awesome shirt...and nice hat, too. :)

  3. So cute. I love her red hair. What a fun tradition you have with the b-day shirts!!

  4. It turned out so well! I love the antennae. Hope Vada had a good time at her party.

    Don't forget the V-candle for next year ^_^

    ~Chava (Mandy)

  5. Wow, these shirts are awesome. I am very envious of her hair color. Gorgeous.

  6. What a cute shirt. I have a granddaughter turning 6 in July and would absolutely love to make her one of these. If you have a chance I would love the pattern for the butterfly. Thanks so much!