Wednesday, March 23, 2011

for Japan

If you've been thinking about donating to relief efforts in Japan, let me twist your arm a little...

I had already planned to donate, and when I saw some wonderful bloggers offering up their lovely quilts to encourage donations, I decided to take what I'd normally donate, and spread the love around. It's not so much that I want to win a quilt, mind you. I just want these generous folks to know I appreciate their efforts, and that their quilt "earned" as much cash as possible! So, if you're able to donate, why not support these awesome quilters? And if I missed any others, please let me know!

Just click on the picture to go to their giveaway post.

From Elizabeth at Oh Fransson (ends today, so be quick!)

From Stephanie at Loft Creations (ends March 26)

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  1. Many gorgeous quilts and generous quilters. Thanks for including me in your post.