Saturday, December 18, 2010

still here...

Yes, I'm still here. Sorry for the incredibly long absence... I had a big work deadline this week, which slowly ramped up the pressure over the last month or so. On top of that, there were bouts of sickness, snow days, holidays, birthdays, feeble attempts to get ready for xmas... Blech. I know I should love this time of year, but I honestly don't.

And I know it doesn't take long to make a blog post, but... I'm also utterly behind on reading blogs. My reader had been pegged at 1000+ for weeks now!! I somehow feel wrong to post when I haven't caught up on all my friends' blogs (or even worse, emails). So, friends, please forgive me for not having my act together. I'm working on it. And if you soon get some comments on really old blog posts of yours, you'll know why!

Meanwhile, here's a little show and tell from last month. I finally finished the Project Linus quilt I started way back in July!

The standard crazy patchwork back...

I did all the quilting at the November PL meeting (killing two birds with one stone!), and it was pretty interesting to do the quilting in front of a room full of people. I was surprised that so many of them had never done free-motion quilting! I'm no expert, but I did my best to demonstrate, and answered lots of questions.

I did stippling in the large strips, and tried a couple new-to-me things in the narrower strips. The loopy quilting in the pink strip was fun, and I did okay on that. The wavy quilting in the green strip, on the other hand... not so great! I think I was getting tired and sloppy by the time I got to that. Oh well, it was good to try it out anyway!

Sorry again for dropping off for a while. I'll try to do better in the future. :-)


  1. everyone has to take a little time away from the blog once in me...the posting is very minimal now that the baby is here(Delilah). i love the frog fabric!!!!

  2. Ha, ha! Drop away, girlfriend. As much as I love your updates and seeing your quilty projects and stuff, I'm glad that your priorities are in line. :) hugs and loves! hope your Christmas is fab. :)

  3. You're doing well in the sewing department. Don't worry about catching up, just start again from now and ofrget the rest! have some peace and a relaxing christmas xoxo

  4. Love the loop-de-loop-de loops!! Gotta try that!
    Missed you, but totally understand. Merry Christmas!

  5. I am strolling along the Blog Roll at Holly Jolly Blog Bingo and found you.
    What a wonderful and caring thing to donate your hair. My 19 year old granddaughter did that recently, too. Her little brother has had cancer (brain tumor) for all of his almost 8 years of life.
    Happy Holidays,
    gramisews at gmail dot come

  6. What a wonderful cause the PL is! I love the frog fabric. I have just a snippet in my scraps after using it on a project and I hate to use it. Guess it isn't doing me any good to save it. lol

    I'm popping in from HJB Bingo.

  7. I feel that way too about posting when I haven't caught up on everyone else's blogs :) (Although I am slowly pairing down my feeds, which helps a little too :)
    Love the loopy quilting... It looks great on that quilt!