Friday, November 5, 2010


I had some great scores at the thrift store last weekend! Wouldn't these three sheets make a pretty something together? I think I can hear Amanda's sharp intake of breath - I know that one on the right is one of her favorites. :-)

And how about some more butterflies? I really debated about the one on the right - It's a Vera print, and I have it in purple (and love it, of course), but brown and orange aren't the most popular colors. Oh well, I always err on the side of buying!

I seriously almost squealed out loud when I saw these pillowcases! I love this print, and have it in orange and pink. It pained me a little to fork over $2 each for them, but wow, I just love them!

I also found a bag of new FQs from Joann, 7 of them for only $1! Very timely too - I just used the one on top for one of my bee blocks!

And last, but not least, some vintage fabric that had been sewn into a duvet cover. I love the orange and pink combination!

No thrifting for me this weekend - I'll be too busy sewing instead! Yay!


  1. oh my gosh evenlyn! what *fantastic* scores!!! and, um, i would have actually squealed out loud if i found those pillow cases! :)

    re: the vera brown and orange. i loooooove it! :) i have actually been looking for brown and orange! go figure! ha ha ha! my mom and dad had these brown and orange sheets when i was growing up that i'd love to find. they were thick lines that made some sort of geometric shape across the sheet. anyways, i have slowly been collecting things to put together something brown and orange. if you don't use it, or if you have scraps left over, let me know! i'd be happy to purchase it from you! :) if you do something with it, i'd love to see what you come up with! :)

    congrats on the great scores! :)

    congrats on some great scores!!! :)

  2. you are like a sheet magnet!!! i love to see what you will do with it all

  3. BIG time score!!!! LOVE the blue flower pillowcases! I have it in pink too.

  4. Great finds! Look forward to seeing what you will be making!

  5. GAAAHHH!! Gorgeous finds, girlfriend!