Tuesday, July 27, 2010

craigslist loot report (or, why my stash continues to grow out of control)

It's been a long time since I did a loot report! I've been trying to stick to a "sew more, loot less" plan, by which I limit myself to:
  • one weekly trip to my favorite Value Village (usually with Vada, as a mommy-daughter date).
  • Friday or Saturday morning garage saling, but only if I go with a friend. Sometimes I'll go with Vada, but only if it's a rummage sale, or a garage sale in our neighborhood.
  • Craigslist "stash sales", but again only if I go with a friend.
You wouldn't think there would be too many in that last category, but there have been at least 3 so far this summer. I took screenshots, so you can see what the temptation looks like, along with the loot I picked up.

I really tried to resist this one. I mailed the link to my friend Chara, because it was much closer to her house. But she somehow twisted my arm into going with her, and we somehow managed to fill up a 50-yard bin together. Of course, Chara only got a few yards (darn her!), and the rest was all mine. Here's a sampling - some Halloween prints...

a fun set of coordinating bowling fabric... (Do I bowl? No. Know someone who bowls? No. But it was cute! I'm sure I can turn it into a donation quilt or some pillowcases or something!)

And a bunch of pretty solids...

Then there was THIS sale. Again, I tried hard to resist. I really did! I mailed the link to Chara and my friend Quynh, hoping that one of them would buy it, so I wouldn't have to. Quynh took the bait, but then she brought the stash over to MY house to sort through. Very clever, that girl! Of course I somehow ended up with more than half!

Just look at those piles of fabric! There was a whole bag of scraps and strips and random leftovers too. So much fun to look through!

And one more... Quynh and I hit up this sale on Sunday. Funny enough, the seller was one of the gals from my Project Linus group!

For once, I was not the big spender! For $6, I brought home this stack...

I was so happy to find that cute kitty reproduction print. I have no plans for the piggies, but they were too adorable to pass up!

Ditto for this small vintage piece. Can you spot the nursery rhyme characters?

I also got a couple pretty mod vintage prints. These are lighter weight (probably poly blends of some sort), which I thought might make some nice skirts.

And for another 50 cents each, I picked up these...

I should have put something in the picture for scale - these are 6000 yard spools! They are A&E Perma Core thread, normally about $10 each. Nice deal!

If you're interested in checking out Craigslist for stash sales in your area, Ircabbit has a great post about 'how to pwn at Craigslist' (love that title!).

And if you're in the Redmond, WA area and want to sell your stash, whatever you do, please don't tell me about it!


  1. OMG woman! You are out of control! :P But, boy... you found some fun fabrics (those little repro kitties are so cute!). And I know you'll put them all to good use someday.

  2. I just love your stash posts. I buy fabric at thrift stores and yard sales, but I never thought to scour Craig's list. That mod fabric is super neat!

  3. After I made that post I had to explain to my sister what "pwning" was.

    Congrats on your new fabric! I end up buying too much fabric on craigslist too, but at least it helps keep me from buying the expensive stuff at the store. I just think about how I'd have to sort through everything to make space for it and I'm able to plop it back on the shelf. :)